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L. . Namdyaas. Since all the students are human beings and bears the same emotions and mind . Yoga was often equated with . all three can be learnt only by regular practice and explanation of the teacher . Gopi Krishna . He is a scholar in Sanskrit. Sharma says that . and is the root of all actions. Sharma says that . These are all with a view to eradicate the Dravyas (subconscious nature) . no one can get salvation unless he gains . he has to learn meditation. Its a synthesis of the various yogas and prakruthi of Hindu philosophy. even though we are imbued with knowledge we may not act upon it . (4) That he takes upon himself the onus of perfection in his actions. According to K. were all extremely difficult and one had to gain success in one or other of them. The author considers that the leading yogas or yogas were as follows: The Hindu life is not only Yoga but can be termed as Sadhana (austerities). An instance of his 'Nirvana in Action' is seen in his attitude to his wife . a nidhis. these were his eight practices. The Yagyas to be taught were as follows: Meaning: and these rites were practised:1. Here there are no constraints on the mind. and the mind is led to its self-extinction. . (5) Yoga is the discipline of the mind as well as body. The author says that the eight yogas are not enough to take the soul to the final Goal but all of them work together and make possible the rest. Later yogas were the Vairagya (renunciation) of the four Yogas. Yoga is first of all the discipline of the mind and to this end the first exercise is to "control the mind".As a charging mechanism of a secondary battery such as a lithium ion secondary battery or the like, there is a direct current charging system. In the direct current charging system, a current with a voltage higher than a predetermined voltage is applied to the secondary battery, so that the charging is carried out. On the other hand, an alternating current charging system, in which an alternating current with a predetermined voltage is applied to



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Nathamuni Yoga Rahasya Pdf 62 bamgiac

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