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Boxshot 5 crackThe present invention generally relates to integrated circuit (IC) device packaging technology, and more particularly, to an IC device package, which is capable of increasing a total capacity of the IC device package. In accordance with the miniaturization of electronic products, the size of various types of electronic components, such as a central processing unit (CPU), a graphic processing unit (GPU) and a memory, have been decreased. Consequently, in order to meet the miniaturization requirement of the electronic components, a conventional quad flat non-leaded (QFN) package has been replaced with a slim line package (SLC) having smaller thickness and smaller height. However, since a slim line package does not have a flat surface, the number of leads connected to an integrated circuit (IC) chip is limited, thereby reducing the number of IC chips which can be connected to an external device. As a result, the slim line package does not provide a high degree of integration. Accordingly, a quad flat package (QFP) has been developed to solve the problem of the slim line package. A quad flat package has four flat sides, thus providing more areas for leads or lands to be connected to the IC chip, and also providing the flat surface for the IC chip to be mounted on a substrate. As a result, the quad flat package provides a higher degree of integration, in comparison to the slim line package. However, as the number of electronic components and components mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) have been increased, it is required to provide a package having even higher levels of integration. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view illustrating a conventional quad flat package 100. Referring to FIG. 1, the conventional quad flat package 100 includes a first lead 110, a second lead 120, a third lead 130 and a fourth lead 140. The first lead 110 is connected to a first surface of a first chip 150, the second lead 120 is connected to a first surface of a second chip 160, the third lead 130 is connected to a second surface of the first chip 150, and the fourth lead 140 is connected to a second surface of the second chip 160. The first, second and third chips 150, 160 are electrically coupled to each other via a plurality of vias formed in the first and second chips 150, 160. The conventional quad flat package 100 further includes a first molding part 111, a second molding part 121, a third molding part 131 and a fourth

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Boxshot 4 Keygen [PATCHED]

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